Georg Wilson, b.1998, is a London-based painter and the co-founder of artist-led All Mouth Gallery. Wilson completed her Foundation Year at the Royal Drawing School (2017) and she is currently enrolled on the MA Painting course at the Royal College of Art (2020-22). Her work has been exhibited at All Mouth Gallery and Terrace Gallery, amongst others, and was recently included in ArtMaze’s Summer 2020 Issue.

My paintings are inspired by myths and fairy tales, including Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market' and the Brothers Grimm' 'The Juniper Tree'. My practice interrogates the gendered roles found in European folklore, by humorously inverting or distorting their narratives. My most recent works tease out strange, playful moments enacted by sulky, awkward characters who clumsily dominate the compositions – I call them my ‘goblins’.

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