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Georg Wilson is a London-based painter and the co-founder of artist-led All Mouth Gallery. She received her BA in Art History at the University of Oxford (2020) and MA Royal College of Art (2022). Her work has been exhibited internationally by Arusha Gallery (UK), Guts Gallery (UK), and Kravets Wehby Gallery (New York), amongst others, and published in ArtMaze magazine. She is a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields award (2021-2).

My practice is directed by the cyclical change of the English seasons. From equinox to equinox, folkloric customs enacted across England to mark the turning of the year inform my storytelling. This country is a porous landscape of seeping, oozing layers, where many experiences and temporalities can overlap, coexist and touch, all in one place; Where green-hooded things dance every May Day and where I blow kisses to two magpies for joy. My paintings peer between these intertwined layers of England’s folklore, history, landscape and custom, searching for a way to a strange new home, where this murky mess of weird narratives can intertwine and live together. By teasing this obscured knowledge into the present, I hope to enchant the viewer into a sense of curiosity about this land.

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